Monday, July 10, 2006

Swinging Bridge

Well now I guess I wasn't paying much attention to how I was uploading these pictures. The top picture is of the swinging bridge I told you about in yesterdays post. This is a very sturdy bridge that spans the Kootenai River. It is a fairly new bridge, put in the the late 80's sometime, much different from the one that was there when I was a kid. As a kid it was great fun to go out and get it swinging, (that was when I was young and dumb with no fear) my how things change. It is still fun to get the bridge going but I do think my kids enjoy it more than I do. If you run across the bidge it will swing some also but not as much. There are many tourists that visit this site now so that makes it more difficult to have much fun getting the bridge to swing. Most people don't like it as it is a bit scarry.

The other picture is of the Kootenai Falls, it was taken last July. The river was very high and the water was running very fast, much of the rocks are covered with water. I just love this area. I can't wait until August when I get a chance to go again.

Not much else, just wanted to post these pictures while I was thinking about it. Have a great week.


Mama Koch said...

The bridge is georgous, but don't think I'd be comfortable walking across it..much less while you had it swinging!

Deb H said...

It makes my stomach do a flip flop just looking at the picture! It's beautiful, & I love looking at bridges but have a weird phobia about crossing them. Maybe I was pushed off one in a past life or something!

I grew up in Michigan, & used to have nightmares about the Mackinaw Bridge.

Patti said...

What a beautiful area. One of these days we'll have to head that way after we retire. But I'll skip the bridge - I REALLY hate heights and swinging bridges!

Wendy's Quilting said...

Looks like fun! I should add the pics of our trip to the Eagle Canyon to my blog. Heres the link though
It's Canadas longest swing bridge 600 feet accross the Canyon and 150 ft above the Canyon Floor. Very fun to get swinging. Definetly not for everyone though.