Friday, July 07, 2006

Trip Around the World

Here is my first attempt at Trip Around the World. We all made this quilt in the quilting group I was attending earlier in the year. We have decided to take a break for the summer and will start up again in September.

Trip Around the World was our last project before the break. We used the pattern instructions by Jane C. Smith. A good pattern, gives instructions for all sizes from baby to king. I am in the process of making another and will post picture when finished.

Darcie, posted a few pictures of her trips towards the end of June. These posts reminded me to take a picture of mine and post for all to see. The colors are bright, if I would have known more about where they would land, I probably would have placed them differently. Oh well, lesson learned, the quilt is done, very warm, and someone will enjoy, as I will most likely donate to Frontier Missions at the end of the year.

Have a great week-end. We are still working on the kitchen. I will paint more cupboard doors today, put some back on tonight, DH will seat sink tonight-- which means I may have a kitchen sink that is usable again. Enjoy.


Nines said...

Bathroom sinks just don't cut it when it comes to doing dishes, do they. been there. Love your trip quilt- I like the color placement.

Finn said...

The trip quilt top is really a pretty one. So often we forget we can use a simple pattern and maybe even solids(I avoid them usually) and get a really pretty quilt.
Great's a happy quilt.

Shelina said...

This is such a fun pattern isn't it? And you are right, even when you have all the fabric in front of you, and all the fabric is used in even proportions, it is really hard to tell what the finished product is going to look like. My friend and I are making a TATW. I did mine in gray, she used purples.
Congratulations on finishing it. That is the hardest part for me, especially for big quilts like yours.

Lisa said...

Do you happen to have this pattern, I have the queen size but would like the full size pattern. Thanks so much! Lisa