Friday, August 04, 2006

Quilt is Done

Here is the picture of the Trip Around the World I was working on and posted the blog about making the panto for the quilting. It is okay. I like the center but the borders are a bit unusual, I wanted to use up this fabric, I couldn't think of any other place I would use it, soo it goes into this trip quilt. This is a designated campfire quilt so all in all it is good. As promised here is a picture of the back. Remember back on July 13, when Judy L, posted about quilt backings, wondering what we did with ours. Well here is an example of what I do with mine. Once again, fabric I want to get rid of, (didn't pay much for or was given to me) and find suitable for the front of the quilt. I piece if need to whatever it takes to get the back the proper size. I sometimes think the back of the quilt is the most expensive, I guess because I am using one large piece, therefore I know how much I paid for that piece verses using smaller pieces of fabric on the front not keeping in mind how much I paid for each piece of yardage cut into smaller pieces then sewen back togeather. Oh well, who really sees the back. If the quilt is for a gift or special to me I am more picky on the backing but for this purpose I am satisfied with this back. I almost feel like it matches the front, a bit weird but looks good.


Nancy said...

I rather like this with it's odd, pieced border. :-) I might have to steal this idea next time I have a fabric I want to use for the border but not enough fabric to do the whole thing with. It gives it much more visual interest than a more "normal" border.

Congragulations on the finish. Done is good!

Linda_J said...

that's the good old "make do" attitude of our quilting foremothers and it looks terrific. Busting stash along the way and not having to be two full lengths/widths of backing fabric--how could you go wrong there?

Happy dancing for the finish.

Serena said...

That's a good idea to piece multiple fabrics toether for the back! I really like the way it looks.

I need to try to do that more instead of trying to find 2 lengths of yardage in my stash!

Shelina said...

I really like pieced backings, and I think that the different fabric combinations add interest. I think it is great.