Friday, May 18, 2007

No pictures, just words

I am still here. We are slowly getting the new computer up and running. I am patiently awaiting my old info to be transferred over. I need to load the camera info and my 3 in 1 printer info. I have been slow but getting there.

Sunday, as you all know was Mother's Day, I had a great day, but it was also my birthday. I have been on a fiber free diet this year, self imposed. I have purchased very very little fabric, a few pieces from time to time, just things I needed for upcoming projects sooooooo where am I going, well let me tell you. I have received three gift cards in the total of 95.00 for my birthday. I am so happy I can go and buy some fiber and not feel like I shouldn't be spending money. A friend also gave me a very useful box filled with fat quarters. I am going to be busy.

My hubby is home sick today. He has come down with the crud. Wouldn't you know it, just as we are getting ready to go on vacation. Why does it always happen this way. Why are men such babies when they are sick, you would think they were the only people on earth who have ever been sick. I will persevere and we will make it through this.


Libby said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Shopping - fiber is essential in our daily diet *s*

Laurie Ann said...

Happy Birthday Dot!!!

Andrea said...

LOL I thought you were saying you weren't eating fiber! Then I realized as I read further on that you meant like fabric and such! LMAO

Happy Birthday!