Friday, June 08, 2007

New Project(s)

I started a new quilt. I actually started it yesterday but did not of the sewing today. It will be a variation on nine patch snowball. If you remember I bought the orange flower fabric last fall. I love the fabric but didn't know what to use it in. Well, with some of my birthday gift card money. (It is folded inside out so not a bold as right side). I am using the wrong side of the lighter fabric for the right side of the quilt. I just felt for the affect I wanted the shinny side was to much. So far I am liking what I am seeing. That is one of the quirks of quilting, you can guess how things will go together but they don't always look the way the minds eye sees them.
Here is my little pile of snowballs and beginning of nine patches. I am surprised how quickly this is going together. I love it!!!!!!

Oh, yeah! Another project that took up a lot of my time today. We finally got my embroidery reader to work with my new computer. It is so old, I bought it used and it is a first generation. That is one of the reasons I wanted to stay with XP instead of upgrading to Vista. I know if I went to Vista it wouldn't work at all because I have to jerry rig it now to get it to work with XP.

Well anyway this is a free pattern I found and it works just great. I plan to embroider out enough of these to make a quilt. I thought would make a really neat quilt for a young girl.
So you can see I have been busy. I gave the dog a bath and a bit of a hair cut today also.


Finn said...

Hi Dottie, boy, oh boy, you HAVE been a busy lady! I really like what you've selected to go with the floral. Should make a really pretty quilt, and yes, snowballs and 9 patches is a fast quilt!
Have to say I really like the cousin of DNA...what a great use for those funny size cut squares, very creative! I think you are alot more creative than you think you are! The free embroidery design is a very pretty one. Should make a great quilt. Hugs, Finn

atet said...

Oooh -- that orange floral is great and I am loving those embroidered daisies -- they would make a fantastic quilt for a little girl.