Friday, June 29, 2007

Ready to Post

Well almost ready to post. I have to put the year and sew one of my labels on the the corner and this quilt will be in the mail on its way to my niece. I certainly hope she will like it. The completed size is 54 wide by 60m length. I think this is a good size for a college dorm.

I have been busy working on a quilt, the one I posted the fabric choices a few posts back, but I don't want to show a picture of it yet. The quilt is changing as I am working on it. What I mean by this is, as I am sewing the blocks I am changing my mind on the design. I don't really know what the finished top will be as I am making it up as I go along. It has been a slow process because I have been working a lot lately. I have been working 5 days a week, having to do housework and all that fun stuff on the weekends. I even had to miss a motorcycle run last week-end so I could get caught up on house hold chores. I wasn't happy with that choice but sometimes you just have to make those hard decisions.
I am debating in my mind if I want to keep working on the current quilt or take a little break to make a fourth of July quilt. I am leaning towards the fourth quilt, I think I need a little break from the present project. The fourth project is just a small wall style quilt I spotted on a blog. I am sorry I can't remember whose blog it was at this time. I will research it and give credit where credit is due when and if I make the quilt. I certainly don't want to take credit for a project I copied from someone else.
The reason for two pictures. I realized after I started writing this blog I uploaded the wrong picture so I went back and uploaded the right one. I don't know if I can figure out how to delete the wrong one. I will try but if not successful you will be two for the price of one. The one on the bottom is the top unquilted, on the top: quilted and bound, ready for postage.


Libby said...

She's going to love it. Go USC!

Shelina said...

This is a great quilt. She is definitely going to love it! Congrats on finishing!

Holly said...

It's nice to see the before and after quilting.