Saturday, June 02, 2007

Working and moving forward

I have been working on getting my tops quilted. I finished three of them so far, I posted the pictures of two of them a few posts ago. I am sewing the binding down on # 3 and quilting this one, Jacobs Ladder, #4.
I have decided to sew the binding down by hand, the last two, Candy Corn and DNA, I sewed the binding by machine and I just don't like the way it looks. The binding just doesn't seem to lie as nicely as I would like. It is okay for utility quilts, which mine are, but I still don't like the look so I will sew them by hand. I am liking the way this is coming out, I think I am going to make a queen size of this pattern. This is the first time I have made a Jacobs ladder, it is a good pattern.
We are having beautiful weather here and I need to work outside today. I have not done any yard work yet this year and must get out there and clean up the flower beds. I have an area where we took out one of the ponds, I would like to take out the other one but hubby says no, so it will stay. I am going to make a patio area by the remaining pond, I have been filling the hole with dirt but now I need to get it leveled and the stones placed. I think it will be nice when completed but the work will be hard. Oh well, most things in life worth doing are hard.
Have a good day, enjoy the week-end, and I look forward to reading new postings on blogs.


Libby said...

Hand stitching the binding is my favorite part of quilting *s*

Katjaquilt said...

I hate hand stitching the binding but I like the result more than machine stiched.
I love the bright and sunny orange colour you used in your quilt.

atet said...

I'm with you on the binding. I just can't get it to work right when I machine stitch it completely. Which is odd, as I'm not a huge fan of handwork. Go figure, no one ever said I had to be consistent!