Monday, July 16, 2007

Sisters Part 2

This is an addition to my original post, just in case it doesn't make sense when you start reading my post. I am practicing my feather wreaths on this quilt. This is a quilt that I will keep for myself and I have never made feather wreaths before, (I make very few feathers) because I don't think I am very good at feathers, but I decided I best practice on something other than paper. The reason for the dark circle is it is wet from where I sprayed it with water to remove the blue marking pen. Here is another, don't laugh to hard, these are all done free hand. You can see the blue ring marking I put down to help with making it look circular.
Here are a couple shots of the edges. Just thought maybe you would like a good laugh before you look at the Sister's pictures. Dot

Just some more pictures of quilts from the quilt show. I just took pictures of quilts that caught my eye. This one I thought of Starfishy with her Shakespeare in the Park quilts. The turtles certainly add a different feel. I don't really remember what I say in this quilt but I have the picture. Maybe it was for someone out there in blog land and not especially for me.

I took this one because daisy is my hubby's favorite flower. I think the concept and execution is clever.

Holly and I figured this quilt must have been a kit or maybe a class project because there were 3 or 4 of this pattern, same colors and all.

This was unique as it depicts African lifestyle. The quilt was done very nicely.

More to come later. Have a good evening.


Jodie said...

I am really enjoying the quilt photos thanks for sharing.


atet said...

Oooh...thanks for all the lovely eye candy! Love the quilt photos -- and don't knock your feathers, trust me, I can barely machine quilt!

Pieces From Me said...

The quilts are wonderful!! Your feathers look fine to me. I even enlarged them to see what would make me laugh and I could NOT find it. I think you are being too hard on yourself. If I thought different I would just not say anything. Really.

Andrea said...

Your quilted feathers ok great - nothing to laugh at I'm sure. My machine quilting consists of 2 things - straight lines and a rather erratic meandering !

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Thanks for the photos love see all the quilts. Your feathers are outstanding!

Tracey said...

Great pictures! Sisters looks like a wonderful show to visit. Maybe someday... :-)

Libby said...

Your feathers look great! Thanks for sharing more of the show. What a fun day it must have been.