Wednesday, August 29, 2007

At a stand still

I am at a stand still with the sewing now. I have 14 stacks of 10, 6.5 inch squares (unfinished). I have sewn one strip of 14 squares together and this process is just going to be to much for me to do.
This project will be put on hold until more healing takes place. I have been reading also. I finished one novel already, I am a slow reader, and will start another today. I have been sorting through quilting books and print outs, saving and tossing. I have read new journals and I sleep a lot. I have started walking this week. I do think it is the ligaments that hurt more than anything. I might start some more MAM(mile a minute) blocks if I get to restless, time will tell. I do think my MAM blocks are more like mile a hour though.
I will go now, time for my lunch, meds, and nap. Take care and have a safe a happy holiday week-end. Sew a block in my honor. Dot


Yvonne said...

Take it easy and don't push yourself....I'll sew several for you. :)

Karolee said...

I'm sorry it still hurts so much. Glad you are reading and walking though.

atet said...

Take it easy and rest. I'll sew something for you -- may not be a quilt block, but something!

Jane Weston said...

I've been reading your blog since your accident and I can sense your frustration. I hope your arms heal up soon.

Take care of yourself!


Suze said...

I will make several blocks in your honor. With both arms injured you are really out of commission.

Laurie Ann said...

Be thinking of you this weekend. And praying for more healing for you!!