Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Never Forget

Today is the sixth anniversary of those horrible attacks on America. So senseless, incomprehensible, just leaves one with more questions than answers. I just don't understand how so much hatred can reside inside someone.
I hope and pray that everyone will take a few minutes today to reflect on this tragedy in our history and how so many others in the world hate us because of the freedoms we take for granted. As it is said, You never know what you have until it is gone. I pray that we never reach this point with our freedoms. I do feel as though we are approaching this point in our nation. I pray we will have a collective awaking in our nation and want to support our troops and law makers as they work to protect and defend these freedoms we take for granted.
Please pray for our soldiers and their families. Pray for our nation as we are involved in this war on terrorism. Pray for our leaders as they make important decisions for our great country. Pray that God will direct them in good decisions, will help them to make decisions for the good of the nation and not decisions for political gain. I believe there are times when political agendas need to be put aside for the good of all peoples and today is one of those days. This war is one of those times in the history of our nation. We don't need political divide right now, we need to be what we profess to be United -- The United States of America. Pray for those who lost loved ones during that horrible event on September 11th 2001 and during our present war. May God protect, provide, and most importantly give an inner peace to all today. Only God can give us peace beyond understanding. Keep our nation (even with all its faults) in your prayers today and everyday. Dot


Karolee said...

We pray for our soldiers at every meal.

What a beautiful quilt. Did you make it in honor of our troops and those who died in 9-11?

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

"Only God can give us peace beyond understanding."

That's the truth, I can never begin to understand... don't expect I will in my lifetime. But I know the truths and privileges that I hold most Thanks, Dot.

Heather's Brain said...

There is beauty in those stitches! What grace our Father gives even in tragic times...I thank God He is in control!

Thanks for entering to win the candles, good luck!