Thursday, September 27, 2007

Friday's the day

Tomorrow, Friday, Sept 28th will be the day Lady Di and I attend the NW Quilters Expo. I am posting another picture of the bag I will be carrying. If you happen to spot me with this bag stop me and introduce yourself. I look forward to meeting you.
I went back to work this week. I worked half days on Tuesday and today and a full day on Wednesday. I will say it was challenging especially on Tuesday. I was surprised about the things that were the hardest. Putting gloves on for the first time was excruciating, I guess I put pressure on the ligaments that I didn't even think of. The pressure it took to put the air/water syringe tip into the syringe and the cavitron tip into the cavitron was something else also. (I know most of you probably don't know what theses things are but they are equipment I work with.) As I worked it did get better and now no problem. I will rest my wrists and go about with my physical therapy. I will go back to work on Tuesday with four days of half days for the week. I have a Dr. appointment on Wednesday afternoon and will see what doc says.
I got a message from the insurance company today. The estimate is in for the repairs on Stella, and I will be receiving a check in the mail next week. I need to call the Harley shop and speak with them about repairs. Hubby and I need to decided what we want them to do and what we want to handle ourselves. Looks like life just might be getting back to normal or as normal as it is going to be after this incident.
I will hopefully have some wonderful pictures of some great quilts over the week-end. Enjoy your evening. Dot.
P.S. to English cocoa lover, I will post the recipe for the hot chocolate mix later.


joyce said...

Have fun at the quilt expo. Love the bag!

JoAnna said...

Have fun! Can't wait to hear your fun stories when you get back.

Bingo~Bonnie said...

That is a very cute and bright bag and sure to get peoples attention - what a neat idea to post so if others see you tehy can intorduce themselves. ;)

I hope you and your quilter friend have fun at the show... sounds like with the week you had at work you certainly deserve some pampering and taking it easy and what better way than a quilt show! ;)

Happy Weekend ~Bonnie in SE Texas