Thursday, November 01, 2007

Late start and waiting.

Well today I had a late start at work. I am not quite sure what time I go in, it could be 11:30 or 12:30, waiting for the call. This is what I started last night after the trick-or-treaters were done. I finished this morning.
I am waiting for a call back from the insurance company. I am trying to figure out why they are refusing to pay the medical bills. I don't know which is worse recovering from the accident for trying to get money out of insurance companies.
Well I guess I best start getting by things together and eat something. On my last post I was asked how the arms are doing. Each week gets better. Still sore in the wrists and tops of my hands. I have most use back, still a bit weak, my strength will return in time. I am very happy with the progress. I take very little pain reliever. Now that makes me very happy. I still wear my wrist warmers a lot. Thanks for asking.
Have a good day. Dot


Bren said...

Did I miss something? I am seeing that topper all over blogland. Is it a challenge or is it just so adorable everyone is doing it? I really like yours! I like the wallhanging from your last post too. Love the elves!

mamaspark said...

I love this. Where did you get the pattern from??? I adore Halloween (as you probably know from my blog) but I love your JOL quilt. It is neat that you keep it out all year!

gwen said...

The two xmas tree quilts you made are great. After seeing some on the net, I will try to make one this week-end too. Take care.

Marcie said...

Oh look, you put littler pinwheels in the corners! Very cute!