Saturday, January 05, 2008

Gail's Ghouls & Fiddling with Finn

Well here is where I sit on this 5th day of the New Year. I have completed quilting The Anniversary Jacob's Ladder and am sewing the binding down intermittently while watching television. I loaded Gail's Ghouls, that is what I am calling it, maybe one of my blog readers can come up with a better name or maybe Gail has a name for the pattern that I am not aware of. Let me know. I can always change the name if something comes up that I like better. Gail should have first dibs on the name since it is her design. It was fun to make.

I am also working with the small squares I get from Finn last summer. While I was recovering she had posted on her blog if someone was willing to pay the postage they would receive small plaid squares usable for a quilt. Well I was fortunate enough to be the first to claim this treasure. I made 80 4 patches out of some of them and am now sewing them together in a pattern similar to one I saw on Quilting with Ragdolls, Oct 19,2007. I think I am going to like the outcome. I am just playing by ear so I don't really know what the results will be until completed.
I best get back to some housework. Unfortunately I don't have a wife so I am responsible for that also. Hubby helps but somethings men just don't get to.
Have a great evening and I will get pictures of completed quilts when done and I figure out where to photograph them now. I am afraid to do it in my usual place now that Hubby painted the family room. I had so many tack holes above the window. I really don't want to mess up his new paint job. I will figure something out.


Gail said...

Gail's Ghouls is hilarious! I'd love a better look at the pictures on the top and side border-they look marvelous from what I can see, and set at angles, too? Very clever.

Karolee said...

Lovely quilts! So nice of you to think of your hubby and not put holes in his fresh paint job - but find someplace soon! I LOVE looking at your quilts. I only wish I could reach out and touch them.