Wednesday, April 09, 2008


I was asked about the pinwheels. Yes I did replace each one of them. It wasn't as hard as it seems. I just ripped the seam out about and inch or two on each side , removed the pinwheel from the sashing, sewed in the new pinwheel and sewed the seams up again. It went rather smoothly without any hiccups. I do like the outcome immensely.
Well what do you do with the pinwheels you removed? This is what I did. I made a small quilt or a table topper, whatever one wants to use it for. As you can probably tell, the binding is sewn on but not sewn on the back. I plan to do that sometime this weekend.
I was also asked what type of batting is I was going to use the the original quilt top for a table cloth. I will use what I usually use, just 4 0z polyester batting. This seems to work well for me, I have not had any problems with it. Most of my quilts are given away and used for utility so to keep costs down this is what I use. If I know I am keeping it for myself or giving away to a special person or as a special gift I will use the more expensive batting but the less costly goes in the other quilts.
Have a great day. Dot


Libby said...

That's some very nice looking 'lemonade' you got from your pinwheels *s*

Knit-Wit said...

Wow - You are so amazing, Dot.

Finn said...

Hi Dot, love the outcome...a good decision all around, and probably easier than it sounds *VBS*
Pretty clever to recycle the removed ones right away. Hugs, Finn

atet said...

Two quilts for, roughly, the work of one! Wooo Hooo! Love the tulip quilt you finished as well as those TATW quilts -- those oranges make me smile :0).

julieQ said...

Really nice how your quilt turned out! and a bonus!! :)

Suze said...

Oh, thanks for the great idea. I have some pinwheels I was wondering what do to with. Now I realize that I can make placemats and practise quilting on them.