Saturday, April 05, 2008


I have been asked to show the cup with a ruler by it so see the size. It is 7 inches tall. I have also placed a coffee mug and a to go cup next to it so you can compare. The other goodies are from last night. Our YA-YA group god together and we celebrated spring birthdays. Well my birthday is next month so I am part of the spring birthday celebration. I received a Sharon Schamber DVD on feathers, I haven't watched it yet but look forward to doing that. I also received a really nice Kleenex cover and magic wallet. Last but not least a yummy box of chocolates. The cup measures 10 inches across.

Here is closer look at the gifts.
Back to sewing. Dot

P.S. I have completed quilting 3 charity quilts today. I am very proud of myself for doing that. Now I am sewing on a quilt top I am making.


jovaliquilts said...

Three quilts?!?! Wow! Congratulations!

Sweet P said...

Love the coffee cup planter. It's gorgeous.

Tanya said...

My mom has a planter/cup that is that size (different design) and I just love it.

A Sharon Schamber DVD! Wow, I wish I could sit down and watch it with you!