Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Making Progress

It has been slow going but I am making progress on the HAD. I have all the blocks sewn together and the first row done. I am really frustrated with myself. I have never been this far behind on a HAD before, I know this is self imposed, it really doesn't matter, but it still bugs me.

I did get this top quilted this week-end. I have yet to do the binding , but it is quilted. I think the binding will be black but haven't thought that far ahead.
Hubby and I decided to do a simple (what a joke) week-end project. We were going to update the downstairs bath. Remove the wallpaper and paint. Replace some grout and caulking around the bathtub and reseal all the grout. Well, as simple week-end projects go, it turned out to be a big chore and still not done. The paper did not come off easily and took two full days to remove. The caulking is being stubborn, the grout is a bear to dig out of the areas that need to be repaired. Oh well, such is life. It will be done.
Well I need to shower and get ready for bed. Good night to all. Hopefully tomorrow will allow more time for the HAD. Dot


loulee1 said...

Wow, your hour a day is bright, looks like you mixed it up with a bit of orange crush! LOL Looks good though, I enjoy seeing all the different versions of these quilt alongs as they appear.

Good luck with the bathroom.

Amelia said...

Love that star block...this will make a stunning looking quilt.

Don't you just love projects like your bathroom re-do. Oh, it sounds so simple and quick when you are talking about it...but then you hit the part that won't cooperate-i.e. wallpaper, grout, etc. I am sure you guys will persevere and the room will be ready for showtime on HGTV.

Have a fun day!

Amelia in Oklahoma

andsewitis Holly said...

You will appreciate the finished bath project more for all the work it is causing you :) Your tulip quilt is so pretty.

Shelina said...

It sounds to me that you have made a lot of projects. It certainly is frustrating when everything takes at least twice as long as you anticipated (and it always does for me, at least), but I'm sure it will be lovely when it is finished - both the HAD and the bathroom. Both the quilts look great.

Sweet P said...

Youe QAH is coming along nicely. I love your Tulips quilt.