Monday, May 19, 2008

Starting HAD

This is my light and dark fabric choices for the May HAD that Judy is so generously offering to us out here in blog land. I do not have my star points cut yet because I just ran out of steam.
I spent most of the day working outside, cleaning flower beds and planting, and just became to tired to complete the cutting.
The star points will all be from the same fabric. I calculated the number I need to cut, 192, that is alot of points. I figured 24 stars with 8 points, that equals 192. I don't know if they will all get cut at the same time.
I will start sewing my HST together tonight after dinner. Oh wait, I might be a day behind, I think there is a hockey game on tonight. I am rooting for the Red Wings. I certainly hope they can win tonight and be done with this series. Penguins are in the finals, now it is whoever wins between the Wings and Stars.
Off to work, have a good day. Dot

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