Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sad News

My motorcycle quilt that I had in the Sister's show sold, or so I thought. I received it back in the mail today. It is marked sold on the tag but I guess the buyer changed her mind. In some ways I am sad but in other ways a bit relieved. I don't ever use this quilt but I know I will never make another like it so it was bitter sweet when I had heard it sold. Well, it is back with me, there must be a reason. I have not received any of the others back so I don't know if they sold or not.
Have a good evening. I have been busy but with quilts I can't show at this time. Dot


Pam said...

If Motorcycle Mama ever gets in your way you can send it my direction...I think it is great!


Kristi said...

Dot...I love this quilt! My husband is a Harley rider and I have a Honda Rebel. I made him a quilt out of old harley bandanas I got on e-bay...he loves it! :)

Sweet P said...

I think of my SIL when I see this quilt. If you want to send my way I'd be happy to pass it on to her.