Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gifts in the mail

Colene, at ItsAll AboutMe, had a challenge on her blog a few days ago. The challenge was to guess when her grand baby would arrive into this world. I was fortunate enough to have the closest guess to the birth date. What a surprise it was to receive my gift for guessing closest. Look at this wonderful array of goodies.
Thank-you so much Colene.
Well, I guess I will get back to sewing the borders for Old Tobacco Road. Bonnie posted them today. I am really happy with her design. It is fun making this quilt and I like how it feels and looks like fall. Good day to all and enjoy all the football games. USC is off today but their opponent for next week-end played today. They won their game, oh my, I am looking forward to a good game next week-end. Maybe I will have a little grand baby to watch it with. Keeping those fingers crossed. Dot


Anonymous said...

Love your gifts...looks so great!

Colene said...

I'm glad the package arrived safely.

MYRA said...

What a lovely win of gifts! Lucky you! Woohoo! 8-)