Saturday, October 25, 2008

Are You Sure Revisited

Just one more post on the election. I know, I know, you are getting tired of this but I am sorry I have such passion to save our country and our form of government. I do not want to see this country become socialistic. I work hard for my money and I do not care to "spread the wealth" as Mr. Obama does. If you want money go out and work for it. I don' know of very many people who can make an income sitting at home singing the woe is me blues.
Why do Dem's pick on corporations and Republicans? Let me see, because they are mean and don't care about you. They just want your money and want to take advantage of you. Well where would this country be without these mean evil corporations, would you have your pampers, your swifters, your microwaves, your automobiles the gasoline to put in these automobiles. I could go on and on but you can hopefully get my drift. How many millions of dollars do celebrities make each year, I don't hear much belly aching about those incomes and I don't hear much chatter about them spreading their wealth, oh no, it is just those mean capitalists that make the economy churn and humm that are evil. What I hear about these beautiful people is how horrible theirs lives must be because they once again getting a divorce or how we should be celebrating their once again pregnancy out of wedlock or with someone other than their spouse, or how sad they are in rehab again. Do these people really do anything to make our lives better but yet they are glorified, worshipped and admired, yet the corporations and business that really do make this country and economy run are evil and must be done away with. How many of you out there make a living form the millions of dollars a celebrity has in their bank accounts? How many of you have your retirement accounts in the Olson Twins, Matt Damon, Oprah, or The View. Think about this.
I do not want a socialist/Marxist in the White House. I do not want a liar, yes you read that right, I called Mr. Obama a liar, in the White House, a man who said he would run his campaign with public financing and decided he would not abide by his decision and did not do that. What makes me think he wouldn't change his mind on other important promises he has made along the campaign trail.
Why would I want a man in the White House that won't even prove that he is a U.S. citizen. He has been sued to prove his citizenship and he will not provide the proper documents for that. Mr.Obama has all his important documents sealed, why is that? Is this man hiding some important information from the American public. You might question some of this statements, well go back and check out links I have posted or google and find out for yourself. You can go to or, Drudge Report or many other sources out there. We live in the age of information but yet Americans are more misinformed than any other time in history. Is this because they only get their information for the unbiased (tongue in cheek) news media. We all know about their overly sick love affair with Mr. Obama and their out right distain for Mr. McCain and his running mate.
Do you really want a man who raised records amounts of money in the month of September and through out his whole campaign (in which he will not disclose where most of this money came from) but yet is running low on cash now that the race is coming to a close
Does this show fiscal responsibility? Do you realize between him and the congress (who happens to be run by the Dem's) they will have open season to your money with no regard on spending your money and raising your taxes.
Oh, speaking of taxes, well Mr. Obama does not have to raise the taxes on the middle class, all he has to do is wait for the Bush tax breaks to expire in 2010 and guess what, an automatic tax increase. Very clever Mr. Obama, another deception on your part.
I know you are getting tired of this but guess what, the media will not tell you these things. Please I beg of you, PLEASE do some research before you vote. Find out some of this information, remove the veil before it it to late. We are just now feeling the results of many of the Carter administration policies. Can we really survive 30 plus years of Obama policies.
Do you want freedom and capitalism well then vote McCain.
Do you want socialism?Marxism well then vote Obama.
Research other countries with socialism, they are not hard to find, talk with immigrants from these countries (they are not hard to find either) and find out their views on socialism. Why are they in America, is it because of the freedoms they have here or is it because of the scenery. I have seen pictures of other countries and the scenery looks really good to me but I don't think I like the policies of their governments. Really take this election seriously, there is more at stake here than just the person who lives in the White House, there is also the ideology of the person who resides in the White House.
P.S. I have not started practicing my lock step marching yet and I hope you have not either.
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Anonymous said...

In the past I have really enjoyed your blog; however, reading your anger and diatribes towards democrats is insulting. It is just plain ignorant to peg all democrats with one view, just as it is dangerous and unfair to depict republicans with one view, one ideology. If I were to believe everything you have just written, then I would fear your passion as one of insanity, and vote democrat. Its okay to be passionate, but don't be insulting & offensive to your readers (not all are republicans). You need some time out to figure out why you are so a angry. Your comments are mean spirited and very un-Christian. I'm glad this country of ours has freedom of speech, but your freedom to be offensive is problamatic. Be passionate, but do it with integrity. Give your point of view, but avoid name calling etc... What ever happened to civility? I don't need a response, and even if you provided one, I (& grandma) have already deleted you from our list. Your insults are mean & we will never visit your site again. One that I & my grandmother have always enjoyed. Thank you for insulting my grandmother, an American, a proud Democrat and a loving Christian. You brought tears to a decent, 89yrs young woman with your cruel remarks!!! Is this your intent? Shame on you. Your readers deserve better. Until never again!
What quilter needs this kind of nonsense & abuse?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the things you write about Obama arn't all true. Obama's mother is "white" (causcasian) and he was raised by his caucasian grandparents. He is as American as apple pie. Questioning his citizenship verges on racist (if his skin were white you wouldn't question his citizenship) If McCain dies, this country is left with Palin, a woman who reads "every magazine" (lie) and a woman that can not answer simple questions from a reporter. A woman against sex-education, and shamefully now with a pregnant unwed teenager. If the woman stayed home to raise her children she wouldn't have an unwed pregnant teen. I am against women's lib and NOW. Women need to give up their careers until the children are grown. That is my republican point of view. Palin is a hypocrite, she is a woman that eloped, married and gave birth 8months later. Last I heard pregnancy takes 9 months. How about her $150,00 wardrobe and the extra expense of taking her children along for campaigning. We're paying for this expense. Since when does my husbands boss allow him to travel on business, take the family, and have the company pay for it? Never!!! Palin has no business in the White House when she can't take care of her own home and family. She's avevage and she is not ready to be Vice-President. McCain is too old and can barely walk. Have you watched the news recently? His brother called 911 because he was angered for being stuck in traffic, then he cursed at the 911 operator with the f---you word for being reprimanded for calling 911. McCain and his brother obviously have bad tempers, as we've seen during McCain's interviews and debates. McCain is smarter than Bush, I'll give him that much credit. I refuse to vote Republican this electon year. This country is in a terrible mess. One million hard working Americans have lost their homes. Corporate welfare to Corporations to bail them out, and I the tax-payer must foot the bill and my great-great-grandchildren will also foot the bill. I won't vote republican this year. It's our parties fault we are in this mess. I am also tired of the war. Note that being against the war is not the same as not being proud of our troops and not being a proud american. Don't conflate the two. My recent travels to Europe reinforced what we Americans refuse to believe, everybody hates us because we think we are superior, we think our way is the only way, we are rude and impolite in other countries, and most importantly we know very little about the world outside of our country and we don't care to know. Lastly, what does all of this have to do with quilting? Correct, nothing, not a thing.

dot said...

In response to anonymous. I re-read my blog entry and I do not see where it is mean and insulting but I guess I will accept those labels if stating the facts are mean and insulting. I will not take much stock into comments left as anonymous as this shows the courage to stand behind ones convictions is lacking. I have the courage to post on my blog, yes I said my blog, whatever opinions I choose. I have read and laughed at many blog entires made about Mr. McCain and his running mate. I have made the decision that this election is to improtant to just let things slide and I feel I want to make some things evident before Nove 4th. If you don't like my entries don't read my blog, I won't care. As far as being racist I don't see anywhere in my entry where I even eluded to Mr. Obamas race. I know he is half white. I do believe it is the media whom seems to have forgotten that fact. The media is constantly telling the voters that Mr. Obama will be the first African American as president. Please don't accuse me of things I did not write. Please don't put words that were not there and take away from the pacts. I don't care what color our next President is all I care is that he is honest, and forthright with his intentions. I don't care if other countries like me as an American, I care that I have my freedoms and capitalism to live under. Sometimes people hate others because they have things they might want, like freedom and capitalism. And my I so kindly ask that from now on if you are going to leave a comment have the courage to acknowledge who you are.

Snow Bunny said...

Last time I checked, we aren't paying for or invested in this blog. If a certain post is unappealing or "hurtful" then a reasonable person should just skip over it and wait for something interesting to pop back up. There are some quilts that don't catch my interest so I have ignored their entries from time to time. Is a political post so different? I don't take my political advice from people on the internet, especially when I just lurk on their blogs so these types of posts are easy to look past. Now, if the content of this blog changes to daily rants about politics I may delete it from my favorites but this isn't my soap box, it's Dot's. She generally writes about whatever is going on in her daily life and that is what I've come to expect. Right now she is just fired up about the election (just like the rest of the country!). It is hard to imagine someone being so emotionally invested in a quilting blog that they cry over it and tell Dot off. Come on now, we're all passive readers on this blog so what's it to us if we disagree with her. It shouldn't be taken as an indictment of my personal character if she feels some way. This blog generally discusses her life, which happens to be mostly spent quilting. These political posts will likely subside in a few weeks and until then I will just click past them until I see quilts again. Is that so unreasonable?

PeggyE said...

I would consider the candidates' educational backgrounds. Education isn't everything, but it matters, particularly when this is about the two highest offices in the land as well as our standing throughout the world. U.S.A.

John McCain:
United States Naval Academy--Class rank: 894 of 899.

Barack Obama:
Columbia University--B.A. Political Science with a Specialization in International Relations.
Harvard--Juris Doctor (J.D.) Magna Cum Laude

Joseph Biden:
University of Delaware--B.A. in History and B.A. in Political Science.
Syracuse University College of Law--Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Sarah Palin:
Hawaii Pacific University-- 1 semester
North Idaho College-- 2 semesters- general study
Univ. of Idaho-- 2 semesters- journalism
Matanuska-Susitna College- 1 semester
University of Idaho-- 3 semesters- B.A. in Journalism (Sports Broadcasting).

dot said...

Peggye, I would believe Mr. Obamas claims to his education if he would make them public which he hasn't and doesn't seem like he is going to. I would also keep in mind that a very educated man can still have a very radical view for this country that I am not prepaired to vote for. I am not ready for this country to be a socialist country and am praying that the majority of America feels the same way I do. I find it very interesting of the four posts by others on this entry three of them are from people I can't respond to other than leaving a comment on my own blog. Please have the courage to be accountable for your comments and opinions. Thank-you snow bunny for having that courage.