Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Are you sure this is the change you are looking for in America?
Are you sure you really want to change from capitalism to socialism/Marxsm?
Are you sure you are really ready for empty hope?
Are your sure you are ready for the Yes We Can mantra- yes we can spread your wealth?
Are you sure you are ready for a president who does not keep his promises, exhibited by his pledge to use federal funding for his campaign and then changed his mind to use private funding. Who knows what other promises he will change? Maybe his tax policy. Who do you really think pays the taxes? I can guess it is not this candidate and his friends.
Are you sure you want a president who has had to denounce many of his close friends that could have destroyed his campaign?
Are you sure you want a president in whom his own running mate does not have full confidence in him?
Last but not least are you sure you want a conservative quilter with a very active imagination out of work? Just look what happens when I have to much time on my hands.
Remember to vote and only vote once. Please disregard the ACORN mantra-- vote early and vote often.


mamaspark said...

Yeah, you go girl!! I don't want to become a socialist nation. go Sarah, go!

Kathie said...

great post!
I am sure I DON'T want a president like this...