Thursday, December 11, 2008

A week of sewing

I decided I needed a Christmas wall quilt so I made this one over the week-end and the first few days of this week. Some of my readers may remember I made one similar to this last year. I gave it to a very special person and decided I needed one for myself. I will quilt it when I am done with the quilt I have loaded on my quilting machine. Speaking of the quilt on my machine. The thread kept breaking on me tonight so I decided to give it a break and work on a bear paw block. I have always wanted to make a bear paw quilt but just never have . I decided tonight was the night.
I needed something to do while listening to talk radio about the mess our new president elect is in. I know it won't stick to him, the man walks on water and knows nothing about anything that occurs right below his nose but he certainly knows how to socialize our country. Anyway, this is the first block. I will make more and make a Christmas bear paw quilt.
Good evening to all and remember, Capitalism Rocks.


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Love that Holly Jolly quilt. Is this your original pattern, Dot? It's great!

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful, and you made it so fast,

Happy Christmas to you and your family