Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just Maybe

Maybe our private companies should once again follow the European way. Isn't that what the outcry is, to be more European?

Deutsche Bank posts first loss since WWII, rejects state aid

Moscow abandons bail-outs for bank aid

Now you know how your taxes are spent. Want to send Washington more? Change I certainly can believe in.
State employee: I get $93,803 for no work

What's the rush, isn't this what they told us the first time and guess what, we are still here, poorer and still loosing jobs right and left. It seems like anything they have to do in a hurry is not good.
Obama warns of need for stimulus bill right away

I am so tired of this fear mongering. When will it end. Trillions of dollars in deficit spending and socialization is not idea of Change I can believe in.

Please keep praying for our country. Pray that God will keep us with a capitalist system and government will get out of the way so our economy can grow and prosper.


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