Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Completes

Judy L's latest quilt for an hour project. What a lot of fun and I used up scraps. I made my very scrappy compared to Judy's. A Halloween table topper. I believe I posted the top before quilted, here is quilted and done. My daughter has requested this one.
Bonnie's quilt from Quiltville. I have wanted to do this pattern for a few years and have decided to finally do it. I like how it came out with the fall colors. The pattern is Star Struck.

Just another view.

That's it for tonight. I am a bit under the weather with my fall allergies but other than that life has just been busy getting ready for winter. I have done a lot of canning and keep myself very busy with facebook. If you have a facebood account and would like to be my friend e-mail me and I will tell you have to contact me.
Have a good week and May God show us how to save America.

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Mama Spark said...

Wow Dot! These quilts are fabulous!! I especially love the scrappy one of Judy's pattern. Keep up the FB links. But you need to join Farmville on FB. It is so much fun!!