Saturday, November 07, 2009

Charity donations

I knitted 24 pair of slippers for charity this year. Last year I made hats, this year I decided to make slippers and I am thinking next year mittens. Time will tell. I might just stick with hats and slippers. I did not achieve my goal of 12 quilts but I had 10. I donated these 10 quilts to Frontier Missions this year. This is the charity I have decided to donate to for the last 3 years I believe.
I will start accumulating quilts for next years donations now. I can't start the knitting yet as I have other projects to work on before I can start that.
It is hard to part with these quilts, each one is special in its own way and they are all unique but a girl can have only so many quilts. These quilts will go to people who really need them and I have to leave it as that.
Have a good day
FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!
May God help us save America.

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julieQ said...

Good for you! Wow, I know you have helped many people with your work.