Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Well things were going pretty good until I decided I was too tired to drive any longer and let my husband drive. He really was driving very cautiously for the road conditions but it just wasn't to be. We hit a patch of icy slush and went for a real ride.
Fortunately we are all fine. My husband , me and the pets survived and walked away with nothing more than a few sore muscles.

Here he is smiling for the fact that all is well, the truck can be replaced but we can't be.

Well here is what we replaced the truck with. A new to us truck. It is a 2004 4x4. I think we are going to like it.

Here I am smiling with my new vehicle.

Have a great week and keep smiling.
May God show us how to save this great country of ours.


Karen said...


Jenni @ Fairybread said...

Good you are OK, but how big is that truck? Looks ginormous with you standing next to it.

julieQ said...

I am so sorry for your wreck, and I am glad you are not hurt badly.