Wednesday, December 30, 2009

End of a year and decade

Slippers donated to Frontier Missions. Quilts donated to frontier Missions.

Starting a new quilt. I have one loaded on the quilting machine, Bonnie's new mystery quilt and this one started with the piecing. Here is a picture of the thread spools from this year. 53 spools and 97 pre-wound bobbin carcasses.

The tree skirt I made for my son and my favorite DIL. I had to wait until after Christmas to post so I wouldn't ruin the surprise.

A hat a knit and gave to a friend for her daughter. Mittens I knit for my grandson. I knit three pair of these mitten, two for Otis and one for a friends grandson.

List of projects for the year:

Double Delight quilt- a mystery quilt by Bonnie
Cotton Candy Puke
Prairie Dust was quilted-- gave to my BIL's mother.
Baby quilt for Mallory
Sunflower quilt
Bears in the Posies- Judy L's Bears in the Farmhouse pattern
Spider web quilt
Scrappy Mountain quilt
Christmas basket weave quilt
Judy's stash buster child's size quilt
Shamrock table topper--not quilted yet
Geese in flight quilt
Liberty Tea wallie
Halloween table runner
Basket table topper for my DIL
Liberty Tea quilt
4th of July quilt for my son
Pirate quilt for my grandson
Christmas table topper designed by Marcie
Ducks/USC quilt
A tisket a tasket quilt
Freeze frame- designed by Judy L
Star Struck quilt - Bonnie's pattern
Snowman table quilt
Small Santa ornament
pillow case
28 pair slippers-knit
Bonnie's Christmas quilt
Tree skirt
6 knitted hats
3 pair of knitted mittens.
6 knitted dish cloths

I think that is every thing. I gave away all the slippers, to co-workers and to Frontier Missions. I gave 11 quilts to Frontier Missions this year and 9 of the other quilted projects.

I think all in all is was a productive year. I did numerous Tea Parties and a couple fun vacations with my family.

I look forward to what 2010 has in store. I hear tell there maybe a new grand baby on the way. I am waiting to find out more information tomorrow.


May God show us how to save this great nation.
End of year Blessings



Leah S said...

I'm impressed with the amount of spools you've used! Is it all just from piecing/hand sewing? Or does that stash include long arming thread also?

dot said...

Leah, the pre-wounds are from long arm but the rest are from piecing and hand sewing.

MARCIE said...

Oh my goodness, you got so much done this year! And I love your spool carcasses! I am going to do that this year. Happy New Year!

Ruthie said...

A very productive year for sure. I am saving my spools this year also.