Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Why Not

My latest complete. I used some of the HST's from the black/white quilt. I wanted to make it rail fence but when I sewed the black/white on either side the block was not square. I had to decide what to do, my decision, sew a thin yellow piece and go from there. That is the reason I named the quilt "Why Not".
This will be another charity quilt. It most likely is a double bed size. I have misplaced my measure tape so I can't measure it right now.
Once again I did not square up the HST's, if I had I probably would not have had the problem with being square. Oh well done is done and it will keep someone warm.
I best get busy. I am off for 8 days and have plenty to keep me busy. House work, sewing, campaigning.
Have a great day.
May God guide us in saving this great republic.

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