Saturday, October 16, 2010

Quilting has been going on

This is a quilt I made from left over 1/4 circles from my "Black Hole  Sun" quilt.
 I used scraps, made the blocks and placed them into this design.  You can't see in the picture but I quilted feathers in the black area and arcs in the scrappy area.  I gave this quilt to a friend in exchange for some yummy garden produce.
This quilt is a typical Trip Around the World, this will go to charity.  I favor this pattern for charity quilts because they go together fast and look nice.  My focus fabric was the dolphin fabric.   I wanted to focus on this being a quilt for a boy, it just seems like it is so much easier to find fabric and  make quilts for girls.

I have been busy with the campaign.  We have three weeks left and boy are they going to be crazy.  Yard signs are being destroyed and stolen.  We have much canvassing to do.  I counted out and bagged 1000 fliers yesterday that will be distributed this week-end.  We have vote by mail in Oregon (which I detest) and ballots went out yesterday.  This week-end will most likely be the most important week-end of the political season.  I can only pray Gods hand will direct this election in the freedom direction and will have to ask for His peace on whatever the out  come it.  Remember,  we get the government WE elect. 

Have a great week-end and May God help us save this great Republic.


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