Thursday, November 04, 2010

Halloween quilt

The completed Halloween quilt.  I like the outcome.  It completed at approximately 75x93.  Now onto another project.  I have a few quilts I need to put borders on and quilt so that might where I spend my time right now.

The campaigns are over.  We didn't win but it was fun anyway.  I ran for Soil and Water Conservation District and came in 3rd.  I feel good about that, it was my first time to run for a position,(other than PCP) and I received or 14,500 votes.  I will take a few months off and decide where to go from there.  I will run for a position in 2012 but don't know what yet.

I better get some lunch eaten and head back to work.

Have a great day.

I pray God will continue to help us save this great Republic,  we have just begun.


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Elaine Adair said...

Nice to actually SEE you!
I always agree with your faithful admonitions about our country.