Friday, February 17, 2012

1st quilt of the year

This is my first completed quilt of 2012.  I actually started making the squares last year but with Christmas and other interruptions I finally completed the quilt this month.  I made this quilt for my Son In Law.  Little did I know when I was making it, it would become what I call a  recovery quilt.  SIL has surgery earlier in the week so I kept it and gave it for him to use to cover up with during recovery.  I like how it turned out and yes used up a lot of red, black and gray scraps.  I am now in the process of putting binding on a charity quilt.  Picture will come when completed.

Have a great day, week, or how ever long it takes me to post again.


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Mama Spark said...

Great quilt Dot. I love the effect of it.