Sunday, February 03, 2013

Busy with Barriers

 With February being the month of Valentine's I decided to make "conversation heart" mug rugs for the members of the sewing group I attend.  We won't be meeting until after Valentine's Day but it will be okay.  (spoil alert for Diane if you are reading this post).  I machine appliqued conversation hearts I made using my embroidery machine onto a 6 inch square, quilted with echo quilting, and put on a border.  Rug mugs complete.  I hope the women like them.
I mam tired of the mess our dog makes on the floor where he eats, so I decided I would make a place mat for him.  I found this fabric in my stash, quilted it on my domestic machine with cross hatch, bound the edges and now hopefully his eating area will stay a bit cleaner.  I plan to make another when I find some more doggy fabric.  I think I have some paw print but can't seem to find it yet.  If I don't I will use the left over of the dog fabric add some borders and make another with the same fabric.

Super Bowl Sunday so that means chili dogs and snacks during the game.  I have the chili in the crock pot, going to make some wings and cheese dip.  I will eat well and study while I watch the game. Hope you enjoy the game if it is your thing.  I wonder if Beyonce will lip sync again.  I wonder how much we see and hear on television in real. 

Enjoy your day.  May God bless you.



Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

I keep saying and saying that I need to make some mug rugs - sad to say but I use a paper towel folded into four. Your versions are great - I am sure they will like the gifts! Cheers! Evelyn

dot said...

Thanks Evelyn, I kept saying it for many years also. I used a folding paper towel as you do. I just decided now was the time and decided to make for everyone in the sewing group.

Diane Wagner said...

Dot, Awesome mug rugs! Don't worry I won't tell anyone in your quilting group about your gifts. Did I tell you I made a mattress for one of the cats and stuffed it with fabric scraps, yarn pieces, and bits of left over batting. Simple, cheap, and the cat loves her soft little mattress. Toodles!