Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Well here it is the 27th of December and what have I done? Back to work today. I did shop yesterday, purchased about 85 yards of fabric to use as backing on quilts. I finished one quilt over the week-end and am starting on another. When I have more time after this short work week I will figure out how to post pictures and start posting some pictures of my quilts and such. Not much else to say right now, I most certainly enjoy looking at others quilts and can't wait to start sharing mine.


Nancy said...

Hi Dot. Welcome to blogland!

Posting pictures is really easy. Right above the place you type your text for a post are a few "buttons". One looks like a photo and when you move your mouse over it it says "add image". Clicking that will pull up another box. There are two ways you can add pictures. Either upload them from your harddrive or link to them from anothe webpage. I only know how to upload from my computer so that's what I'm giving instructions for.

Anway, under where it says "Add an image from your computer" click where it says browse. Then go to where ever you have your picture stored on yor computer, find the picture and click it. Once you've selected your photo if you want more than one photo in a post just click the link above that says "add another image" and select your next photo.

Once you have all photos selected chose a layout from those selected and an image size. It defaults to medium which seems to be a good compromise. Once you've done that click "Upload Image" and wait while you upload. This doesn't take very long (depends on your connection speed but it was pretty quick even back when i had dial-up). Once your photo has been uploaded you'll get a screen saying your image has been uploaded and to click done. Do that and you're back in your message box waiting to add your text.

Really this is much quicker to do than it takes to explain the process. so now you know how to share photos we expect to see lots of beautiful quilt pictures. :-)

Finn said...

Woohoo...85 yards??? A LOT of quilts are going to get backings..*VBS* Way to go!!