Wednesday, December 28, 2005

With bowl season upon us I thought I would try my luck at posting a picture so here it is. This is the quilt I made for my son last year for Christmas. As you can see he attends USC. He majors in electrical engineering. What a smart kid, and an adorable child. Remember to root forUSC Trojans on Jan 4. They are playing against the Texas Longhorns. Fight on Trojans.


Nancy said...

Love the quilt. See that was really easy. Our area supervisor (who's office is in our building) is a BIG Longhorn fan so I think I'd better root for them. (But I'll say a little "Fight on Trojans" under my breath for you. LOL!)

Kangastuksia said...

Hello! I noticed your blog name Rantala Rags, because I´m Finnish and Rantala is surename and place name, too. :)So, I wondered, if you can Finnish.

I like your quilts.