Thursday, December 29, 2005

This quilt I made for my mother last Christmas. She loves frogs and I found this embroidery card in which I embroidered out and put into a quilt for her. The size is 47width by 57 length. She can use it as a lap quilt as she watches t.v.

This is the quilt I made last Christmas for my daughter. She at one time loved Hello Kitty, but I have found out now that this is no longer true. Oh well, she now has a large Hello Kitty quilt from her mother. I offered to take it back but she refused. Someday she will have a child that will like it.

I have started working on a Christmas quilt. I found the pattern in Quiltmaker. It is the Twist and Shout pattern that I am using beige snowflake fabric for the light colored and red/green fabric for the dark colored. I hope it turns out as I see it in my minds eye, doesn't always work out that way. Sometimes they turn out better than I imagined but others times not as well. All the quilts eventually find a home. Good evening and enjoy the last few days of 2005

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Finn said...

Hi Dot, thank you so much for stopping over at my blog, Pieces. I had to "pop" over and see where you call home..*VBS*

I love your quilts...they are so neat. It looks like you follow your heart, and I think that's a wonderful thing. Sometimes we end up making Miss Kitty because we think it is what is wanted. I think it's great that she's keeping it. There's still a little girl in there that loves that quilt!
And FROGS..well, what can I say..I LOVE frogs..*VBS* Just one of lifes little silly chickens..*VBS* So glad you've joined our bloggling world. Finn