Saturday, December 31, 2005

Well I wanted this to go under the Aerosmith quilt but here it is on top. Oh well, this is my favorite winter quilt I have made so far. It is a conventional pattern, both of theses quilts were quilted on my sewing machine before I purchased my longarm.

Let us rock in the New Year with an Aerosmith quilt. This is my favorite band, my son bought me tickets to an outdoor concert a couple years ago for my birthday, hence I needed a quilt to sit on. As you can probably guess from my posts my quilts are not very conventional. As my husband says I like to color outside the lines. Have a great New Year.


sammy_bunny said...

I love the Aerosmith quilt. Great idea!

Finn said...

Oh Dot, you are absolutely the best kind of person...*VBG* who colors outside the lines...I love it!!! Great quilt! I know Aerosmith well, but mostly from my kids! I'm kind of "in to" the Moody Blues myself..*VBS*