Friday, January 20, 2006

Here it is. This is the Christmas quilt all finished and has been on the bed. It is very warm and comfy. As you can see I did not have enough of some fabric to complete rows and didn't pay attention to how the rows were coming out but that adds to the charm. The pattern I used had numerous dark and lights, I wanted Christmas so I used red, green, beige. I had to figure out the strips of the red /green as I was quilting. This is the results.
Here are a couple photos of the back of the quilt. I used some of my Christmas fabric that I bought on sale after Christmas.
The quilt below is a quilt I made five years ago. I appliqued all the pumpkin faces. I cut the pumpkins out free hand along with the eyes, noses, and mouths. I really like this quilt and think it is my favorite. I love Halloween, and this is my Happy Jack quilt. I stays out all year on the couch. Starting to show some wear but it is a much loved quilt.
All my obligations are done for the week other than cleaning here and there and cooking dinner each night so now I can quilt. I will continue to work on my scottie dog quilt and maybe do some longarm on charity quilts. I look forward to seeing what others are working on. Have a great week end.


Jeanne said...

Hi Dot,
I really like holiday/seasonal quilts,and both of these are great!

Finn said...

Morning Dot..I LOVE your Happy Jacks..what a great name, and such great pumpkins!! I love halloween and all things October..*VBS*

The christmas quilt turned out awesome..I never would have thought you ran out of some fabrics. Great job on the quilting also!! Sorry to be missing so much...Hugs, Finn

Sharon said...

Ooooh - love the Happy Jacks. Now I've got another one in my "Wish" pile! And the Christmas quilt is sooooo different - my hubby likes it a lot, too!

Kangastuksia said...

Congratulations, you have finnished the Christmas Quilt! It is very lovely.

The pumpkins are quite exotic for me here in Finlad, but I like your pumpkin quilt, the pumpkins are really happy. I even have seen quite angry looking pumpkins, and I have wondered, if the children are afraid of them *lol*

Inga Helene said...


What a lovely Christmas Quilt. I got a comtemporary feeling when I first saw it. Nice work. Thank you for the comment in my blog.


Christina said...

This is really cute.