Thursday, January 19, 2006

This a quilt that I just recently completed. I did paper piecing, a pattern I got off the internet. My friend wanted to know how to paper piece so we found instructions with this pattern. I believe it was at, not positive but I think that was the site. It is supposed to be fish, hence the blue back ground. After I pieced the first fish, it really did not look like a fish to me, more like a pointed mushroom. I thought maybe it was the fabric scraps I used so I tried another, guess what same results. I didn't want to waste the paper patterns I had printed out so I completed the piecing, put the quilt together, using the blue as the back ground and named the quilt psychedelic mushrooms. I used scrapes and stash fabric for this quilt, so I am glad to have used up fabric. The quilting around the mushrooms is my first attempt at McTavishing. I think it turned out pretty good.

I am working on the nine patches for the scottie dog quilt. Today was my last work day for the week so I will have more time for quilting tomorrow. Bible Study in morning, errands after, then quilt until hubby comes home from work. Have a great day.


Laurie Ann said...

You know, they do look like mushrooms! :) But I love what you did ... you took lemons and made lemonade! Psychadelic Mushrooms. Perfect! Fish, of course they aren't fish, they are mushrooms silly! :)

Finn said...

Boy, oh boy, wonder what that gal was on when she designed them and called them fish??? Great job with them tho, I double clicked for a closer look, and I'd swear they were mushrooms...LOL