Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Half way through the work week. What a busy week it has started out to be. I went way back into my archives for these two pictures. I made the the first quilt back in 1992 for my niece's baby gift. This is when I first started dabbling in quilting so I really don't call myself a quilter yet. I used a counted cross stitch kit that I had purchased, which was of Ten Little Indians, and put them together in this quilt. I hand quilted it, not really knowing what I was doing and don't think I really quilted it close enough. In 1996 another baby was due in the family so I decided to try again and maybe make it a little bit better. This is the design I came up with this time, very similar but yet a bit different. I again hand quilted this time a bit closer. This is when I decided hand quilting was not going to cut it for me, to time consuming . I put quilting on the back burner for awhile.
Not much else to write about. We have had sun for three days now and it is so nice. Boy does the sun ever make a difference in peoples demeanor. The patients have been so nice this week, the gray and rainy days can sure cause one to be a bit depressed. I will close for now. Have a great evening and I will post again in a few days. I don't want to post the scottie quilt until I get the binding on a sewn down so it may be a few more weeks.

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Finn said...

Great quilts Dot! I especially like the second one...often mine get better with additional ideas also.
It's so cool how those numbers fall in to the 1 in 1 row, and then 2 & 3..that is so neat. I like the additional lattice on either side also, adds more color.

Sorry work is a drag..but darn it, we gotta eat..LOL. Glad you have had a break from the rain..sun is good!!!