Saturday, February 11, 2006

Well this is the front of my tote bag. It is my sawtooth star. I was actually surprised how well this went together. I did mess up on the binding but oh well, that will just go along with this tote bag that I am having a difficult time with. Here I am at the sewing group. What a nice group of ladies. I did not know anyone except Diane and I was very much welcomed by all the other ladies. This is a picture of Kathy and Nancy working on Kathy's tote. She really picked neat colors, purple and pink.
Here is a picture of Sarah and Cindy, they are looking at patterns figuring out what the next project for the group will be. So organized and helpful.
Here is Diane working on her tote. I really like her technique. She used prequilted fabric, serged the edges and went from there. It is really turning out nicely.

Here is a picture of Sarah and Nancy with Nancy's completed tote. She has made two already, hers really turned out nicely. I really like her fabric choices.
Here is my almost completed tote. I need to put the wood doweling in for the handles. I also added shoulder straps to mine. It did turn out much better than I expected, I can not say that I am totally satisfied with my sewing but what the heck, it's done!!!! I do think I will keep the pattern just in case I decide to try again.
I need to complete the floor of the tote, covering the fabric core board, and placing in the bottom of the tote, placing the dowelling in the casings and sewing shut. I will use the bag and be proud of my accomplishment. Have a great day.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Wow, looks like a fun day was had by all - and look how much you got done! Enjoy your new bag - I've got to make one sometime. I keep seeing all these great bags everywhere and I want one too!!!



Crystal Boudreaux said...

I'M JEALOUS!! I wish I could find a quilt group around here. Your bag is so great! Where can I get that pattern at? I have a ton of totes already lol.

Judy said...

Cute bag. It looks like a totally fun day. I need to schedule a fun day with quilting friends sometime soon. Just don't get enough of those.

Finn said...

I really like your Sawtooth Star, and it does go together well. I think the nearly finished tote is a success!! It's hard to know what you want and pick colors if you aren't sure of the out come. Glad you are with a group and getting out to do the projects!! Hugs, Finn

Debbie said...

LOVE that tote bag!!! So BIG and that dowel for a handle is perfect.
Do you know the name of the pattern? Or, where the pattern could be purchased?