Sunday, February 12, 2006

Happy Valentines Day to one and all. Here are a couple pictures of Valentine quilts I made. The first picture is the first one I made, it is baby quilt size. I made this quilt a couple years ago when we had a snow strom right before Valentine Day, it may have been after, but right in the time frame. I was stuck at home and decided to make a quilt for the month of February. This quilt is made with the same thought, only it is more like small twin size. I wanted a quilt to practice my echo stitching on and decided this would be a good pattern for that. I don't think it is Valentines day without conversation hearts, therefore I like the concept of these quilts. I donated 19 quitls to Frontier Missions and these were two of those quilts. I figured someone should be using them instead of them sitting in my closet.

I will have to make myself another one now that I look at them. A conversation heart quilt has less calories than the candies do. I did buy myself some hearts today. I just love those little candies.

My daughter and I used to play a game with them. We would each get five hearts and have to make a sentence with the hearts we choose. It was so much fun.

My children receive hearts form me each year, this year my son received conversation heart playing cards and my daughter conversation heart magnets. Oh the silly things I do on the little holidays, if that is what one could call them.


Crystal Boudreaux said...

What a great Valentine tradition with your kids! I do all of those "silly" things too, and you know what? Those are the things the kids talk about the next year, and the nest, and the next.... I love those quilts also. Gonna have to put one on "THE LIST" lol.

Finn said...

Great valentine hearts quilts Dot!! I love them..hurray for a snowstorm that keeps you home and lets you sew!
The conversational hears are a great favorite of mine too. Just bought another bag of them yesterday...*VBS* Just NOT sure what happened to the first bag...ya know??? *VBG* Happy Valentine's Day !

Nancy said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too. Love the Conversation Hearts quilts. (Love the real ones too, but NOT on my diet!)

Holly said...

Hi Dot,
I'm going back through your archives - I like to do that every now and then on blogs because I tend to forget neat things people post. Have to say I LOVE your valentine hearts quilts (among others). Did you embroider those words or was it novelty fabric? I'm going to have to make one someday.
And you and hubby adopting your daughter's dog. Been there with a cat. Son was supposed to stay in jazz band and there was something else I can't remember now if we "rescued" his friend's cat. Hah! You're right, the things we do for the love of our kids :)
My machine is getting a tuneup at Montavilla Sewing Center on Stark. I'll email you when I know it's ready to see if a time works out for us to meet! One of these times it work for the both of us.