Saturday, April 08, 2006

Another quilting day with the ladies. What a great time we all had. We are working a Trip Around the World, following the pattern book by Jane C. Smith. It is an easy pattern to follow and it is fun to see the fabric everyone choose. Sara and Nancy are working on cutting the fabric for Nancy to get started on her quilt.
Diane is ironing the panels she has already sewn together for hers. She choose shades of pinks, with yellow and a dark wine red. Very pretty. I will be excited to see the completed top.
Sara is helping Cindy with her tote bag. Cindy is a new quilter but very eager to learn and is doing wonderfully for a newbie. She had been taking ball room dancing classes and had to leave early at previous meeting so she is a bit behind but ready to get going on her Trip around the World.
Here is Cindy with her almost completed bag. All the hard stuff is done. She just has to put the handles on and do a little hand sewing and she will be completed. Look at the smile. Can you see she is very proud of her accomplishments and rightfully so. Good job Cindy.

I have one more border to put on my top and then I will be ready to quilt. It is nice, I wish I would have had more of an idea of how it works, I would have chosen different fabrics, but for first time with this pattern not to bad. I will post picture when I am completed. I will close for now, after midnight and morning will come early. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Sharon said...

What fun! Can I come and play with you too?

Finn said...

What fun pictures!! I would love to be at a day type workshop like that.... I think the bag looks great, and very springy!!

karen said...

What fun it is to work with friends....Looks like a great day to me.