Friday, April 07, 2006

Well it is that time of year again. Baseball season, as you can see from the quilt I will be following the Yankees. This is my Yankees quilt I made for myself. This pattern is a quick and easy pattern to make, cuts quickly, goes together quickly, and fits well with many fabrics. I must admit I don't really like to make the same pattern more than once but this paticular pattern I have made several times for the very reason stated above.

I have been very busy, I have had some type of stomach bug the last couple weeks, working 5 days, and not doing a very good job keeping up with my housework. I will work again today, only half day but still makes me schedule different.

I have quilted three of my quilts that needed, almost finished with one of the charity quilts. I have one more personal quilt to finish quilting, three quilts started that I need to sew on. I will be working on one of them tomorrow at the sewing group.

Well I best be going. I just wanted to get a quick blog in before the day starts. Have a great week-end, I will post pics of finished quilts after binding is on.


Finn said...

The quilt is very attractive Dot, I would have no touble making it again in different fabrics!! I'm an old dyed in the wool Yankee's fan too..*VBS* All the way back to the Brooklyn that's dating myself, isn't it...??*VBG*

Hanne said...

Your quilt looks very good Dot :-) I am looking forward to see the others you are working on !