Sunday, April 23, 2006

Here is another picture of the quilts I recently finished. Once again the embroidery pattern is from the internet, free. I like the way this turned out and it will go to charity. I hope to donate quilts to Frontiers Missions this fall and this will be one that goes. I have been tagged by Judy at Quilting with Ragdolls, so here are 6 weird or quirkey things about me:

1) I can not fall asleep unless I have some sort of blanket on me, either a top sheet or blanket.

2) I obcess over finances.

3) My film has to be developed asap after the roll is completed, picked up as soon as ready noted on back event and people then put away.

4) I hate to shop, I love to buy shoes, but hate to shop for clothes or food.

5) I hate to cook. I think cooking and eating are a waste of time. I do it because it is an obligation but hate it. I don't have any trouble eating either.

6) I wish smoking didn't have any side effects or cost so much, I would still be smoking. I quit 19 years ago and miss it greatly.

That should do it for me. I will tag:)


I just figured out how to do links, so when I figure out how to do hyperlinks I will do that. I am slow at this computer stuff, that I guess is #7 at no extra charge.

Have a great day.


Finn said...

Fun to read your "weirds" Dot..LOL, amazing how many of us have one related to sleeping..*VBS* Guess we're more alike than not, thanks for playing! Hugs, Finn

Melzie said...

Hey, here is how to do the links. Type the name like FINN then highlight it with your mouse. Click on the little link thingie (up where you compose your post settings) and then just put the http address of the site youre posting. then click ok and voila link with a name :) (I just figured it out this weekend LOL) xoxo melzie

Sharon said...

Love the quilt - it's so RED - which I LOVE.

And if you have a MAC, you won't see a little link thingie. YOu have to do it the hard code way!

Serena said...

Dot, your quilt looks lovely with the red and irvory combination! And I love the embroidery design in the blocks! I assume it's machine embroidery, is that right?

Serena said...

I agree with your #1 topic! I can't sleep without something covering me...part of the reason is that I get too cold no matter what time of year!!

Kangastuksia said...

You have a wonderful quilt here, again : )

Thank you visiting my quite quiet blog. Unfortunately I haven't the opportunity to quilt and so nothing to tell about quilting. But it will be changed, because some day I'll organise a place to quilt in our new home.

Leah S said...

Oooh! Got tagged. Will have to do it soon... been kinda inactive on my blog. :P