Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Here is the last picture of the quilts that I recently finished quilting. This was fun to make. I purchased the iron-on pictures at a quilt show a few years ago, colored them with crayon, set the crayon with my iron and made this quilt. I once again used fabric I purchased in the rem bin so when I ran out I was out. I think it made a very attractive baby quilt. I haven't decided if I will keep for when I become a grandma (way in the future) or give to charity as with the others I have made. I have a friend who just found out she is pregnant so might give to her at her shower when they have one for her. I had fun quilting this one, trying differnt techniques with my stiches.

I am curious, has the increased gas prices changed your habits any, driving or buying other items other than gas. I haven't seen where there is any less trafic due to the prices. I know I have started to consolidate my trips but I did that pretty much before the prices started to sky rocket. I am beginning to wonder if we are a nation of complainers who don't put any action behind their complaints. Have you bought less comsumer goods, be it household or fabric because you have paid more for petro? Do you think twice before jumping in the car to make that trip to the store for one item you can't live without right now? Do you do like I did last week and go without onion in your cooking because you didn't want to use the gas to drive to the store just for onion. Now believe me this was a sacrifice for me, we had spaghettie -sans onion, we had fried rice - sans onion because I didn't want to drive to the store just for onion, I waited until I went grocery shopping on Sunday. This was hard, I use alot if onion, I don' think you can ever have to much in any dish, my family at times has complained about the amount of onion in the dish. If I am going to dice or cut up part of an onion why not all of it and just use it all. When I was a kid I would eat onion sandwiches, they were so good, bread salad dressing, sliced onion. Oh my mouth is watering now.

Hanne tagged me for six weird things about me, I had already done that but I guess if I were to add a few more they would be

1) as noted above I love onion in my dishes and lots of it

2) I prefer blue ink over black and will search high and low to find blue before I will write in black

3) I prefer to excercise in the evening

4) I hate talking on the phone, even to my beloved children and family members, I just don't like to talk on the phone.

5) I like sugar on my pancakes and tomatoes.

6) I prefer it colder than my husband, he would love to turn the heat on when it gets down to 68 but I can wait until it gets to 58.

Hope you all have a great evening.


Serena said...

Cute, cute quilt, Dot!! A cool idea of coloring the iron on transfers and setting with an iron! It gives the quilt a new perspective!!

I have some sunbonnet sue images that I need to digitize and then I will machine embroider the designs and incorporate them into a quilt! One of many things on my to do list!!:)

No, I have not changed many of my traveling habits because of the gas prices. But I live out of town and have always combined shopping trips as much as possible, allowing me to travel only 1-2 days a week. I teach 1-2 sewing classes a week and do all my shopping on those days.

Finn said...

The quilts looks really great Dot! What a nice job with the color you did..*VBS* I've never tried the fabric crayons, but you are tempting me..LOL

I think it will make grand baby quilt for whoever gets it. And I like your weirds too..*G* I also happen to like onion sandwiches. Got turned on to that by my DH who was german. I do have to specify tho, that I like Vadalia onions the best..with red onions coming in a close second.
And hurray for sugar on pancakes and sliced tomatoes..*VBS*

As for the gas impact, I notice it because these days, I don't FILL my tank anymore, just put in $20 worth and call it good. I've had to be fairly careful money wise for quite sometime. Luckily I don't want or need much. And I swore off fabric buying for this whole year, and had bought very little the past 2 years. I do have soooo much's kind of fun to use what I have. Mostly I just don't look at the "new" stuff that is out there..*VBG*