Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I know this post is way early but the rest of the week events are going to prevent me from the oppurtunity to post. I want to tell each and everyone of you Happy Mothers Day (to those who are mothers) and those who are not, don't forget to tell your Mom.

This is a quilt I made for my Mom back in the late 90's. I was new to quilting then. Just starting and dabbling. I made dolls of each of her children (she has nine) dressed us I thought we would have dressed as kids, made a hand template and embroidered our names and birdates in each hand. The quilt features alot of yellow because this is her favorite color.

My Mom liked her quilt, she uses it on her bed. That is one of the stipulations I put on my quilt gifts, they have to be used. I know you are not supposed to put stipulations on gifts but I do with my quilts. I do not want them to sit unused to I tell people they have to use them.

If I could have changed anything it would be to have made it a bit bigger. Well I must get ready for work. I am in the process of dying my hair and it must be rinsed out. Have a great week-end and a wonderful Mothers Day.

I don't know how I got two pictures but you get a double look. One of those things that will make you laugh at me as I laugh at myself for not knowing exactly what I am doing and thinking I do. I guess these things keep me humble. Good Day


Serena said...

Neat idea, Dot!! What a fun project to work on!! Have a good rest of the week and weekend! :)

Finn said...

What a fun quilt Dot!! I love that idea of making the dolls to represent your siblings and then dressing them accordingly..what a great gift for you Mom! And 9 kids is no small accomplishment either..*VBS*
And you know, as the quiltmaker who makes the Quiltmakers Gift, you can stipulate any old thing you want to...even to the King..*VBS* I say good for you!!! Have a happy mothers day yourself! Hugs, Finn