Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Stanley Cup Play-Offs

The Stanley Cup Play-ffs are in full force right now. I must admit I am not into as much this year as in the past, the lock-out last year took out some of my pleasure for the sport. I will eventually get the excitment back but right now it is just not there.

Detroit RedWings were knocked out in the first round. Boo-Hoo. I will now root for the Colorado Avalanch. This is my sons favorite team. Good thing for him because last I heard he was going to accept a job in Colorado Springs after he finishes him masters program in August. He should be able to attend a few games come next season.

I made this quilt for him back in the late 90's. I was unemployed at the time and worked on it all day, 8 hours. I finished it on a week, which did not sit well with DS, he thought I did not do a good job on it because it didn't take me as long as other quilts too. I couldn't get him to understand it was because it was because I worked on it all day instead of just a few hours each day. I offered to give it to one of his friends but he decided he would keep it. It is packed away somewhere right now but I suppose there will come a day when he appreciates this quilt.

I used his jersy to make the "A" logo and bear paws , copied the NHL logo from something, but the sticks, puck, zamboni, and Stanley Cup are all mine. I am very pleased and happy with this quilt. It is machine quilted on my sewing machine as this was before my longarm.

Good evening to all and hope to have another post sometime this week-end. I have finished the Montana quilt top but will not post a picture until quilted and binding put on it. That is when I take the final picture so that is when you get to see the final product. Good Day.

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joyce said...

Great quilt! My sons are both hockey crazy but for Montreal. They also play pick-up hockey all winter and end it with the "Cereal Bowl" with the prizes being boxes of cereal with hockey pictures on them. I have been thinking of a hockey wall hanging and your quilt gives me some ideas. Thanks!