Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oil on Water

Nothing new to show but felt like it was about time I updated my blog. This a quilt I made back in 1998. It is a baby quilt I gave to my brother and his wife when they had their second child. I did the kalidascope pattern using brightly colored stripped fabric. When I look at the quilt it reminds me of car oil on a mud puddle, that is why I call it "Oil on Water". I made this before my quilting machine, so it is quilted on my sewing machine. I can't remember how I quilted it, probably stitch in the ditch.

I have been busy working on a quilt. It is a pattern I am making up as I go along so much slower than my bullseye. I must admit that is probably the fasted quilt I have ever made.

I made one of the strip twist quilts from Bonnies blog and found I had the same problem as Fiona (Scraps in Progress-Saturday June 10). My seams were about 1/2 inch off. I am wondering if the blocks should be cut at 8" instead of 8.5". I am going to try this pattern again and try cutting at 8" and see what happens. I did not trim my squares down to 8", just made it work therefore there are pleats on some of the seams.Oh well, this is another campfire quilt. I will post a picture after it is finished. It will look much better than. (P.S. to post comment by Fiona-- it is not that I don't like the pattern, I don't like the fact I used to many of the same fabrics, the mixture is not good, and I didn't trim therefore getting tucks in the seams. I will make another using more fabrics and cutting at 8". I am not saying there is anything wrong with this pattern.)

Happy Fathers Day to any men that may stop by. Enjoy the day.


Fiona said...

Neat quilt - I really like bright quilts for babies. Well, actually I like bright quilts for anyone. With the strippy twist I did trim my squares down but that made the 'squares' in the centres of the blocks really small, still, I do like the pattern so I can live with it :-)

dot said...

Clarification on the strip twist. It is not that I don't like the pattern, I don't like my fabric choies and my choice not to trim the larger blocks. I will make another with more fabrics, scrappier look, and try the 8" square cut.

Serena said...

I really like the color combination!!

anne bebbington said...

I always love brights against black or very dark colours - so much more vibrant thab against white or pastels - lovely quilt :o)

Finn said...

Hello Dot, nice to see one of your pre quilting machine quilts, and what a great name!!
I just did up one of the Strip Twist last week or the week before (I keep losing track of what day, week and month it is).
I had the same problems as you and Fiona. I'll be interested to hear if cutting them at 8" works out. I was blaming it on my poor vision as I cut and sew..but maybe not??

Laurie Ann said...

What a neat quilt, and a perfect name. It does remind me of oil on water!