Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Trying something new

Just a quick post to show everyone my first english paper piecing flower. I have decided to try my hand at this.

I am still working on the strip twist. I have 8 more blocks to cut then I can sew them togeather.

I received another shipment from Rosie, just as Carolyn at Lakeside Quilting LLC, I quilt for Rosie. I really enjoy this charity and would encourage any of you with longarms out there to donate your time of 12 quilts a year. I know many already have charity obligations but if by chance you are looking you can find the link at Carolyn's blog.

I have to go, work calling. Have a great day.

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anne bebbington said...

Good for you on having a go at hexagons - I hate to disillusion you but they won't grow anything like as fast as your wicked bullseye did - but it's a gentle soothing bit of none-thinking handstitching that's portable and you can pop it in your bag to make good use of 'dead time' when you're waiting for something or someone