Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Finish and Fun

I finished the quilt I was working on for a friend. It is such a beautiful quilt. I just love the fabrics she choose and the placement of the fabrics. This is a beautiful TATW. She had me quilt it in a leaf design, so I choose Woodlands by Lorien Quilting. She really liked the outcome. My friend gave me a partialy used spool of thread to use for the quilting and we were hoping there would be enough to do the quilt. There was, and this is what was left when I took the quilt off the machine.
I call that close, sorry for the blurry picture, I guess I was to close.
We started back up with our sewing group today. Here are a few pictures of the activity. The pattern today was for a table runner from Timeless Treasure. You can find the pattern free on their website. The pattern definately was designed for the fabric illustrated in the directions.
A few of use had fabric that was not the recommended fabric, made the cutting and sewing a bit more interesting but all turned out well.
We had a great time and will get togeather again next month. I believe the decision was turning twenty quilts. I don't know if I will do that, I really don't want to purchase another pattern book right now. I might work on some of my own thoughts for quilts. I have to (or should say want
to) make a quilt for my daughter and soon to be daughter-in-law. I have designs for these quilts ratteling around in my head. I will share as they come to life.

Well I must go now, cooking diner and sewing on the Judy L quilt. Good evening to all.


Hedgehog said...

Beautiful TATW and amazing about that thread!

Linda_J said...

Love that TATW! Good job!

joyce said...

Love the quilt and it looks like all you quilters were having a lot of fun!

Leah S said...

Wow, yeah, I'd call that a close call on the thread. Glad you squeaked by. :)